New 2013 Robotic Lawn Mower TRX-22-SE walk-around

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To see the TRX-22-SE in action:…

The TRX-22-SE is the most popular in the residential arena with homeowners who have steep hills to mow on a weekly basis. The 34,42, and new 60″ Hydro-static models are popular with commercial landscapers looking for ways to increase productivity on the slopes.

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25 Responses to “New 2013 Robotic Lawn Mower TRX-22-SE walk-around”

  1. 1
    Frank Dangler

    It does not say its …
    It does not say its a robot,it says it’s robotic,two totally different words and meanings,like the robotic arms of NASA that are controlled with a remote,or the space river witch is a robot but can still be remote controlled.

  2. 2

    you dont know how …
    you dont know how to souce very well, i cant find you a 10HP electric motor for $100 that weighs only one pound

  3. 3
    Summit Lawn Mower Co.

    Have you seen the $ …
    Have you seen the $60,000 remote control slope mowers from overseas? Gov’t outfits maintaining power lines to cleaning up behind wildfires to lawncare pros in the mountains buy these.  Elderly with steep hills to the guy who has everything and wants something else

  4. 4
    Summit Lawn Mower Co.

    2K will get the …
    2K will get the tracks and gear motors….at cost

  5. 5
    Michel Linschoten

    It’s not even a …
    It’s not even a robot, it’s remote controlled lol….easy to build this not to mention it’s no were NEAR the price he is asking!!

  6. 6
    Michel Linschoten

    Thats just retarded …
    Thats just retarded, nice invention but does not justify the 8.5 gran you ask. I bet your customers line in not that long, and i am pretty positive of that. So do not tell me “it is”

    A decent mower is worth around 2k, no person with a right mind would buy this for that amount geez.

  7. 7
    Summit Lawn Mower Co.

    $8500 – I am 6 …
    $8500 – I am 6 weeks behind right now if you are wanting to place an order msg me at SummitMowersCom ~jw

  8. 8

    How much do they …
    How much do they retail for. I might buy one. Its just something I want to do with my son

  9. 9
    Summit Lawn Mower Co.

    The tracks are …
    The tracks are replacement tracks for mini excavator. If you would like a set of plans msg me on my site I sell my mechanical drawings, parts lists, suppliers and tech support to see you through to the end.

  10. 10

    If you don’t mind …
    If you don’t mind me asking can you please tell me where you got the tank tracks from. Tell me though PM

  11. 11
    austin Ackman

    Hey spydermonkey279 …
    Hey spydermonkey279
    Cool name but I just don’t get the concept, are you really a spydermonkey that ways 279lbs??? If not cool concept though.
    You don’t have to bring this dude down for no reason lol let it be it’s sick

  12. 12

    Its remote control …
    Its remote control not a robot….false Label.. Still a cool concept…. But if your going to spend the 2 to 4 Grand on a robot you kinda expect it to cut the grass….. without you…. otherwise spend a grand and g get a self powered one and save some money….. still want to say cool concept

  13. 13

    Well my ears are …
    Well my ears are now bleeding after watching this video

  14. 14

    Or get one for $ …
    Or get one for $1000 off the internet. Looks sturdy though hope it all goes well for you mate.

  15. 15
    Vitaliy Karpenko

    How fast is that …
    How fast is that thing?

  16. 16

    Can someone explain …
    Can someone explain to me why these things are so expensive, even low end ones are thousands of dollars. Why is it impossible to find one ins the 500-900 USD range? Or even better a kit that would allow you to convert a regular lawnmower into a robotic one for someone on a more reasonable budget. All it is is a computer some sensors, servos, and motors. On the other hand I have to hand it to you for one of the most badass looking lawnmowers I’ve ever seen, all it needs is a paint job.

  17. 17
    Summit Lawn Mower Co.

    If you can do the …
    If you can do the undercarriage work yourself, you can build one for 5-6K

  18. 18
    Kent Keller

    $8500. Yowzer. I …
    $8500. Yowzer. I might make one myself.

  19. 19

    how much is it?
    how much is it?

  20. 20
    JAKE The Video Blog

    absolutely …
    absolutely fantastic

  21. 21

    nice robot, …
    nice robot, irritating/shitty music choice. Classical and calming music
    would be better.

  22. 22

    I can see it now. ” …
    I can see it now. “Grass-Net has become self aware.”

  23. 23
    Summit Lawn Mower Co.

    Robots do the work …
    Robots do the work for you. Most all robots require you to push a button to start it working. You can use the memory program feature on the motor controller to “memorize” up to 10,000 direction changes. Mow the lawn once and hit play. If it ever failed, this mower could cause serious damage. Once I get the basic models known worldwide, then we can get all technical with GPS fully autonomous “robots”

  24. 24

    a …

    a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, esp. one programmable by a computer.

    This is not a “robot mower”. It is a remote controller motor.

  25. 25
    Summit Lawn Mower Co.

    Sorry it is not a …
    Sorry it is not a walking talking robot. It only mows grass for you

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