Lawn Mower Racing build for the 2013 Alberta, Saskatchewan season.MOV

Here is a quick over view of what i built for the 2013 season. Its an old Crapsman lawn tractor with a 18hp opposed briggs twin and a 6 speed peerless transaxle. Thanks BMI Karts for lots of the parts! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, please rate,comment and subscribe. Check out our Facebook page, LMFAO, Lawn Mower Fanatics Alberta Organization.

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    Ok thanks. I am a …
    Ok thanks. I am a member of the Utah chapter of the uslmra. And our stock class is just that. Stock. No mods.

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    As long as i run a …
    As long as i run a stock motor and a Transaxle still it is considered stock. I think i will do very well as it is very low and goes like a bat out of hell. I am a Member of LMFAO, Lawn Mower Fanatics Alberta Organization. We race around 10-12 races a year around Alberta and Saskachewan Canada. If i go to a solid go kart rear axle it then is considered in the mod class. Then i can put a horizontal motor in. Check out our facebook page in the link in the description above.

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    What organization …
    What organization are you running with. You referred to it as stock.

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    logan pruitt

    i just subed i like …
    i just subed i like it alot:)

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    Also these fit my …
    Also these fit my axles and stuff. the hubs maybe different sizes for your build. ya sort of have to spec your stuff out. i have 1″ axles not everyone does.

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    It’s a 18hp opposed …
    It’s a 18hp opposed twin Briggs. Its tuned up with new oil, plugs and airfilter. The govener was removed and revs about 5500rpm tops. My wheels are from BMI Part number 676682, 8.25 x3 alloy wheels $ 33.00 each i think, Steering parts are part # 421400, $35.00. Hubs are #600235 for front $8.95 each and #999230 in the rear$8.45 each. I use alot of parts from there.

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    Adrian Betschart

    Can you give me the …
    Can you give me the item cods from the parts did you buy in the bmi kart shop. Thanks

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    Adrian Betschart

    Are that go kart …
    Are that go kart wheels? How much horsepower has the mower?
    Did you tune it ?

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    I have turf masters …
    I have turf masters on it in this video The size is 13-6.5×6. I also just put a new video up and in that it has Turf savers 15×6-6. The turf Master is an awesome tire!

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    Adrian Betschart

    Wich tires do you …
    Wich tires do you use. Sorry my english is not very good. Thanks for the answer

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    Be cheap! Last year …
    Be cheap! Last year i started with a free 1978 Gilson with a 11hp Briggs and 5 speed Peerless. Got it running and put a 6″ pulley up front and a 2.5″ pully in the rear. Removed the govener and that was it to start. It topped out at 60 KPH “37MPH”. Then from there i watched alot of youtube videos and raced alot with friends. Learned alot from there. Look up Feerless Front on here. He is a wealth of knoweledge aswell.

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    Adrian Betschart

    Great lawn mower. …
    Great lawn mower. Can you give me tips to create a racinglawnmower

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    Can’t wait to see …
    Can’t wait to see it move 😀

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    Jacob Justice

    looks and sounds …
    looks and sounds good

  15. 15


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    Well i don’t have …
    Well i don’t have the belt slipping. i have tested it out and it hooked up good. I did just weld the diff solid tonight thou. I am waiting for new shift keys and brake shoes to come in. Then i will get it back together and really test it out. I do have a 1″ bigger rear pully aswell. It all depends on the track really. 1st and 2nd gear was useless of course but 3rd hauled ass! i havent got to really open er up yet. but yeah for sure if i need to slow er down and make er haul better it’s easy!

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    It looks good and …
    It looks good and should be a lot of fun. I would gear it to go a little slower, you will get more accelleration :) You may have trouble with the belt slipping on that little 2.5″ pulley. I can hardly wait for this summer.

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    I’m not sure yet. …
    I’m not sure yet. Just finished it and we still have alot of snow. As sson as i can find a nice dry spot i’ll take it out for a gps test run and see what it can do. It should be around 45mph.

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    mudding mowers

    how fast does it …
    how fast does it go??

  20. 20

    im running a 7″ up …
    im running a 7″ up front and 2.5″ in the back on an A belt. I usually run a B belt but gonna try something new.

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    mudding mowers

    what size pulley do …
    what size pulley do you have on the front??

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